They’re going to sell their homegrown olive oil – no, really.

The last anyone heard, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were done and dusted, and putting the finishing touches on their divorce papers.

Now, though, comes the news that the pair are set to extend an olive branch – literally.

While their marital split remains very much in place, the two are still building their shared business empire.

Chateau Miraval, the couple’s estate in Provence, France, is releasing an exclusive line of olive oil from its very own olive grove, and both Brad and Ange’s names will be on the label.

Chateau Miraval’s olive oil.

“Miraval is an investment for their family and their children,” Charles Perrin, the estate’s vintner, told French publication Agence France Presse.

The couple also produces a rosé wine on their $78 million estate.

Miraval Rosé.

“We have long-term projects and have just released the latest vintage of rosé with our names: ‘bottled by Pitt, Jolie and Perrin’ on it,” Perrin said.

Actress and beauty queen Olivia Culpo is a fan of the rosé.