Naail art has taken over the world and I also managed to find my place under the nail heaven with these tribal nail art!

I have a very strong inclination towards tribal nails. I think the patterns are truly eye-catching, since they introduce movement to the nail with all those graphic lines.

Tribal design is something that is suited for many different occasions. I usually rock these nails at uni.

There are some that can be worn at night, be it a date, going to the club, going bowling, having a pizza with your friends etc.

Check these designs out and tell me what you think in the comments!

1. Mint Green Tribes

The glitter is also a nice touch.

2. Burgundy Glitter

I would totally wear these at night. That burgundy shade at the base is really sexy!

3. Neon

Dancing in the moonlight, waiting for the sunrise!

4. Totems

Tall totems and the neon blue skies…

5. Steal Their Senses

Red is considered the color with magical properties. Graphic design matches red really well.

6. Multi

These nails strongly remind me of those multi-colored jackets that were worn in the 80s.

7. Lime Green

Selfies of me holding a cocktail with those nails!

8. Yellow & Orange

Daiquiris on the rocks!

9. Black & White

Black and white patterns will never lose momentum!

10. Nude

Pinkish nude complemented with waspy patterns.

11. Ombre Backdrop

The pastel ombre in the back is really something!

12. Teal

This green shade might be my favorite one. And the pattern is so intricate.

13. Mint and Burgundy

These a prime example of opposites attracting!

14. Pink & Orange

These are such summery colors, I would wear them by the beach!

15. Turquoise

The glittery lime yellow really accentuates the turquoise blue!