Oh, what’s that? You don’t have enough ideas for Valentine’s Day? You haven’t seen enough tutorials on how to look amazing for the most romantic day of the year? Christen Dominique’s got you covered for that.

And for the record, any day can be the most romantic day of the year. Yes, we know you’ve heard that one as well. Which leads us to the point that this makeup look is so everything, you can wear it for every wedding, date night, girls night out and even work things that come along. It’s super trending too, you know, rose gold, anyone?

So what are your plans for Valentine’s? A romantic, candlelight dinner? A BFF night out, Carrie and Miranda style (Sex And The City, the movie)? Home alone with a tissue box and ‘The Notebook’?

This look covers everything. Yes, even home alone, because it’s fun to try new makeup looks.

Go with primer first.

Choose foundation wisely.

Christen Dominique 3

Put on highlighter and blend.

Then some contouring:

Go from scarce to gorgeous with the eyebrows:

For this look you’ll need a palette with these shades:

And for Christen’s artistry of applying the rest of the makeup, I’d suggest you check out the video. After all, the girl does have 2.3 million subscribers to vouch for the fact that she knows what she’s doing.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day no matter what you do, and stay beautiful.

Source: metdaan.com