Valentine’s Day is coming! You know, just in case you forgot, even though we’re practically surrounded by red hearts, gift suggestions, it’s all over TV, you open your fridge and hearts come out, people measure the value of their relationships over the size and price of gifts they receive…

Ah, romance.

The best thing, though, is that, whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can still enjoy the benefits of the holiday. Like, you can use the discounts, take the half-price trips, order heart-shaped stuff on menus… And get inspired with festive hair, makeup and nails!

Yeah, who says that you can’t go romantic with your hair, even if it’s only you and your friends who’ll enjoy it?

And if you do have a significant other and you will celebrate Valentine’s Day, then voila – three romantic hairstyles to make for a day to remember.

The Romantic Half Updo

Bombshell Waves

Casual But Cute

Which one would you choose? I’d go for this casual but cute thing. Besides, these work for so many occasions, people. Something’s that’s dubbed ‘Valentine’s Day hair’ can easily be a bridesmaid’s hairstyle, even a bride’s. You can wear it for a party, a night out or just brunch, once you realize how easy they are to make.

Ready to always have good hair?

Because Kayley Melissa’s 1.3 million followers certainly are, they love this!

“Hey Kayley! Love This video so much i am going to wear the number 2! And Kayley can you make maybe some hairstyles for sleepovers . Because my friend will having a sleepover in 3 weeks and i really wan’t to look cute and comfy for it :3 Bye!”

“How hard you work blows me away constantly. The YouTube community is so lucky to have you in it! <3”

“Just chopped my butt length hair up to my collar bones, I’ve been struggling for ways to feel sexy without my mane, this helps!”

Let’s see what they’re talking about: