The very elegant uneven braid half-crown.

As I have told you like a million times before, braids are a very popular hairstyle among women.

What I haven’t told you a million times before is why it’s such a popular hairstyle.

It’s mainly because braids somehow manage to sneak their way into at least a dozen different hairstyles.

I think that all of you long-time readers can vouch for this. 2 of 3 hairstyles that we tell you about feature braids in some form.

To keep our feet firmly in the sandpit that is braid hairstyles, here’s how to make a three-strand uneven braid.

This video is by a channel that I haven’t encountered before, CinthiaTruong.

She seems to do a fairly good job with the hairstyle, but because there’s no narration, and instead it’s just a video of her doing the hairstyle set to some very relaxing music, we decided to explain to you how to do this.

Start by grabbing three uneven strands of hair from the left side of the head. The third one should be the smallest. Then, take that smallest one, tie it around the second one, and then take both of those and tie them around the first one.

Continue doing this until you reach the back of the head.

Then do the same for the other side, and don’t forget to pull out a little bit of the hair from each braid to give it some more volume.

The last step is to take both braids and tie them together with a piece of elastic at the back center of the head.

You end up with an uneven strand braid crown, that I personally think looks very cool.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments, and give the video a watch if you want a more detailed look on how to do this.