Seriously, we have seen so many of the weirdest trends, techniques and products for beauty skulking around the internet. Gems like the boobies blender, contouring your nose with a fork, knife contouring and powdering your face and then putting it in a bowl full of water.

If there is one thing that can go wrong while we’re putting out makeup on, Murphy’s Law ensures it’s going to be the last thing. Eyeliner, why do you allude us so? Always trying to reach the perfect thin line but it doesn’t take much to cover your whole eyes end up looking like a panda.

At the moment we think we have seen it all, something else will come up. YouTuber NikkieTutorials is going to share a new makeup technique with us. Doing your liner with a thread. Interested?

Does it really work? Uhm, let’s find out.

So what you need to do is take a piece of thread, paint it with black and place it where you want your eyeliner to be. For Nikkie, this technique is okay for guidance but time-consuming. She also says that there is no way it is going to look the same when you apply it to the other eye.

So, she still had to get in there herself and fill in the places where it was left unfinished. Sadly, even though she wanted it to work so badly,  Nikkie qualifies this as a fail.

If you want to see the results yourself, play the video down below: