Vehicles are foremost a mode of transportation. Their utility is the reason that consumers continue to purchase them throughout the years. That being said however, cars can also be an extension and expression of the owner’s personality. Everyone wants to add their own flare to feel at home, and after all, cars are a big and exciting purchase so who wouldn’t want to do what they can to make it as personalized as possible?

While there was a time that you had to have a fully customized car in order for it to be unique, luckily this is no longer the case. The widespread desire to make vehicles personal has fostered the market to produce different options available to everyone, whether you already own an eye catcher like the Ford Mustang or more typical models. In fact, typical models have even become an ideal base to customize because so many parts have been fitted with these makes in mind. To help you get started on your new customizing project, we’ve put together a list of some quick and easy changes that can completely change the look of your car.


Rims are technically the outer metal shield of the wheel, serving as both a form of protection and fastening for the wheel. The term is also occasionally used to refer to aftermarket wheels, which tend to be flashier than their original counterpart. Rims can completely change the appearance of your car, and are perfect for a bold personality that is looking to show itself on the vehicle. You can choose different colours, metallics, stones, reflectivity, and even lights. There are rims that have separate pieces that spin independently of the car’s wheel, making a really fun optical effect. Rims also cover a significant portion of the wheel, so they’ll be hard to miss.

Window Tinting

This is the darkening of the vehicle’s windows. Window tinting is an inexpensive way of adding an air of mystery to the overall look of your car and there are a couple different hues available so you have more control over the effect. In addition to looking good, tinting also has some other benefits that come from the darkened windows. It decreases glare and protects you from UV rays on long road trips. The tinting provides extra privacy and hides valuable left in the car too. It is important to note though, that while there are many reasons to tint the windows, make sure that look into the laws of your region. Some places have restrictions on how much tinting is allowed. For instance, Ontario provincial law gives police officers the discretion to ticket a driver if their windows are too dark.


Changing the exhaust is an easy way of beefing up any vehicle. Its one of the best modifications simply because of the sheer number of replacement options available. You can easily find sporty or racing exhausts, but with a little bit more searching you can find sleek and even cute ones. By changing the exhaust, your car will also sound different. It will seem like a whole new vehicle you’re driving. Exhausts can be replaced at home if you are handy or have a friend who is, so you don’t even have to pay service fees for this altercation.


Treating the stereo is a must for any music lover. There is nothing better than diving down a country road on a long trip and listening to your favourite song. If the music is coming out of a system suited to the genre, it will sound even better. The custom stereo industry is a completely separate entity and can get expensive, but this should shy you away from the idea. You do not have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a stereo upgrade. There are options available to you, like just changing the face of the stereo or getting better quality speakers in the unit. Your ears will thank you once you hear the difference you get compared to the factory speakers.

Interior Decor

If you find yourself on a seriously modest budget but still want to add your own touch, the easiest thing you can do is to the interior. This happens on its own much of the time, whether it’s with fun air fresheners or seat covers. Mats are another necessity that are also an opportunity to add your own flare. Let yourself spend the extra couple dollars on the mats with the fun pattern or your favourite colour, you will feel at home every time you step into the car.