Do you ever get tired of tutorials that use so many products for a single hairstyle? Most of them you are probably not even aware of, so you just want to style your hair without them. Whenever the instructions are complex and numerous, you just turn the video off and go on with your messy hair. Don’t get disappointed so fast, because there are plenty of videos you can find that will suit you. Ishita Tripathi is new on Youtube, but she seems to know how to make a proper video for you. Also, she seems to love braiding.

In the video below, you can see what a single braid can do for your hair. It looks so much more than a braid and it can perfectly fit to any day, from formal to informal events.

You’ll need:

  • A rubber band
  • a curling iron

Here’s the beginning of the braiding process.

Start braiding your hair downwards right in the middle part of your hair.

This is the finalizing process.

After putting on the rubber band, loosen the braid up a bit to make for greater volume and more natural look.

Add some curls to spice up the hairstyle.

Use your curling iron, but don’t exaggerate with the curls. You want the braid to be the first thing noticeable!

Here is the final look!

It looks so elegant and cute!

Enjoy watching the whole video here: