You are never “too old” to go to parties but you have to be sure about one thing: your slayer makeup! Today, we are going to learn how to do a makeup look which is very suitable for going to a party. Very simple, and very nude.

The YouTube channel Kaushal Beauty has a lot of tutorials you can get inspired from, like the one you’ll see in a minute. It is seriously a huge relief because you don’t need to worry that much about what colors you are going to use or if they look good with your outfit. It’s a neutral nude so it doesn’t matter what outfit you have on. Let’s get started.


She does all the “face” procedures in the beginning. So she starts with priming her face, and moves on to foundation, concealer, contouring and highlighting.


She doesn’t do too much to the eyes, as you can see. She makes a base and then applies a very pink, sparkly eyeshadow. To add more drama to the eyes, Kaushal makes a black, sharp eyeliner and then finishes with mascara


To complete this whole look, the makeup artist decides for nude lipstick. Good idea!

What do you think about this party makeup look?

Do you like it, or you would go heavier?

Share your thoughts with us. Enjoy.