In the daily Carli Bybel dose, she is showing us a smart way to overthrow bleach for highlights and go for extensions. Carli Bybel is a makeup and hair YouTube vlogger. She designed her own eye shadow and highlight palette and has a strong following of 3 million people on Facebook. What have you done lately for yourself? This girl is more than just a pretty face. She exhibits a good deal of craftsmanship and entrepreneurial character in the way she runs her platform. In addition, she is highly charismatic. The camera just loves her!

Today we are coming back with Carli and her hair extensions tutorial.

The point of the video is to highlight your hair with just extensions. You don’t have to burn your hair anymore with bleach babe!

And that’s a pretty smart thing to do.

The first look is a funky, super messy fishtail braid with red extensions.

Divide your hair into sections. Start clipping at the lower part of your crown. Now the trick is that these particular extensions come in two threes and two fours pieces. You will need to place them interchangeably.

Follow the video for the exact pattern on how Carli does them. You might have to use a few of the singles towards the top of your hair.

Once you are done with the extensions bring all your hair over to one side. Split the hair into two sections. Now bring a strand of hair of the far opposite side of the strand closer to your face. Cross it over to the middle strand. Next, take one strand that’s closest to your face and cross it over the middle strand. Start braiding. If you don’t know the fishtail pattern, refer to this video. Tug the strands in from the braid just a bit to make it softer and more voluminous.

The second look is some big wavy curls with caramel highlights.

If you want to curl your hair. These particular extensions are caramel in color. Curl the extensions as well. Clip your extensions in as you divide the hair into different sections.

This is a highly personal step, so attach your extensions however you see fit. Follow the video for a better representation on how to go about with the highlights. They vary in thickness and the whole point is to clip them by plan and design, not just randomly

The highlight effect is clear and the damage is minimal. Your hair will thank you for choosing extensions and we thank Carli Bybel for sharing this fab technique.