What completes your look best is a cute and suitable hairstyle for the occasion. You would be amazed how much of a difference a hairstyle makes. Today, we are going red-carpet style and of course, everything should be more sophisticated.

Kayley Melissa is a popular YouTuber who focuses on creative, doable hairstyles for everyone. She is a hair braiding enthusiast and that’s what we’re going to deal with now. The whole look is based on braids which are perfect for a red-carpet occasion (and any other occasion, right?).

First, you have to brush your hair and add volume to it using your favorite products.

You can move on to the hairstyle by dividing your hair in a diagonal in a side part.

Then, you will have to start creating a regular braid on one side of the head and continue braiding to the other side.

Move on by making another fishtail braid in the back and then combine all the braids together. To add more volume you can loosen up the hair from the braids a little bit.

You’re done. Your red-carpet look is ready to turn heads.

Take this red-carpet look actually, and go to work, brunch, dinner and clubbing. Doesn’t it feel great to look amazing?

You know it does.

If you want to see the whole process, press play right down below. Enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com