Being a makeup addict and then having to deal with the expensive prices is kind of heart-breaking. But there is always a way, and this time it’s called drugstore. You can find very cool items there for affordable prices.

Maryland-born YouTube star Kayleigh Noel, 26 will show us today how to do a full coverage drugstore makeup look. As we know, brushes can be pretty expensive but today she uses the affordable ones. Let’s get started.


She applies some concealer in the places she thinks she has red spots and then goes with a darker tone of foundation all over her face. Under her eyes she applies concealer and then blends everything in. She adds powder, bronzer, brush and highlighter later.


For the eyes, Kayleigh goes with three shades of brown. A brown color to the crease, a darker one and then a matte brown. She puts on her KISS eyelashes and goes through them with a mascara.


Lips complete the look here, so she applies a darker pink nude and then goes over them again with a pink lipstick.

To watch more, click down below and enjoy!