A dandelions is one of the most beautiful flowers that we can see today. It has a wonderful color and simply stands out on the field. There are a lot of beautiful flowers around the world, so what makes dandelions unique and appealing? Their intricate petals or seeds as well as the nature of flying away with the wind, are often a favorite subject for art work, including nail art designs.

Some deeper meanings of dandelions

  • Yellow dandelions- The color suggest open communication with others. This color of Dandelion also symbolizes intelligence, clarity, radiance, vibrancy, growth, joy and healing. If you feel that you fit in these categories then it would be a great choice to have yellow colored Dandelions painted on your nails
  • White dandelions (Puffball) – White has always been a sign of purity, which is why white dandelions also connote the same thing. The color white also signifies cleansing, clarity, the soul or spirit, start of new beginnings and vast space. If you are a person who values space and likes to be in inner peace with your soul then white will be the perfect color to go with your Dandelion nail polish.
  • Green dandelions (Stem and Leaves) – The green part of the Dandelion is its stem and leaves, which represents Mother Nature. These also represent being well grounded, growth, wholesomeness, nature, resurgence and the gift of life. When you love to commune with nature and feel as if the wild is always calling for you, green is your best color. It is a perfect hue for an adventurous and fun loving person like you who likes growing with nature and celebrating life.

Combining all these meanings one can say that Dandelions stand for life, purity and vitality of a person. You are simply expressing yourself as someone who is open minded, vocal, embracing to changes, values spiritual growth and loves life as it is. Dandelions give out a very positive and beautiful meaning that doesn’t simply state that a flower is beautiful on the outside, but it is more elegant on the inside.

Dandelion nail polish patterns

If you’re planning on getting dandelion nail art patterns then you should prepare a couple of things, especially when you’re doing the design on your own. If you have a budget and prefer to go to a nail salon then that is also a great idea. Going to the salon might make you feel safer about the outcome of the design and have a professional do it. However if you have trust in your artistic capabilities and would want a more personalized nail art then don’t hesitate to paint your very own pretty Dandelion nail art!

Just make sure to have the following necessities:

  • Nail Polish/ Acrylic Paint of your chosen colors
  • Nail polish Remover
  • Clear Nail Polish (for finishing)
  • Dandelion Pattern (for you to follow or base the design on)
  • Clean towels
  • Special nail polish pens for the petals
  • Small brushes (If you don’t have specialized pens)
  • And your very own artistic imagination

Have these at hand and you are more than ready to go! If it’s your first time painting on Dandelion designs then make sure to have a lot of patience on you. It might not go perfectly in the first try but practice makes perfect!

Source: cuded.com