Girls do like new hairstyles, and they spend hours searching for the perfect hairstyle tutorial. But, sometimes, they realize they are just not into the complex hairstyle that requires SO much patience and talent. They may seem easy, but when you start doing them, you might start cursing your hair, too. And, the fact is, you are probably either lazy or having a bad day.

That’s why Lauren’s smile comes along to fix your hair and gloomy day! If you are more laid-back today and just want to play with your hair in a cute way, make sure to grab a hair clip and start watching the video. But, be warned, as this “lazy hairstyle” video might make you want to watch ten more and subscribe to this great YouTube channel!

Lauren LeBouef is a young girl from San Diego, California, and a passionate YouTuber. On her channel, you can find almost anything. If you need to do a little fitness or yoga, she has videos on that. If you need an inspiration for a healthy meal, just visit her channel. Makeup, fashion, healthy food, and relationships are the most common topics she deals with. Her most recent upload is on lazy hairstyles, but although she claims to be lazy, she is a super multi-talented girl.

The video shows two lazy hairstyles that require a messy hair and just one hair clip. Life has never been easier!

1. Twisted hairstyle for a lazy Sunday.

2. A messy bun to embrace your messy hair.

Make sure to watch the whole video below:


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