The drugstore can be a treasure trove of makeup lovelies for any special occasion.

Christen Dominique teamed up with makeup manufacturer Revlon in this December 2016 date night makeup video.

A simple tutorial that includes no eyelashes, yet it is by no means devoid of meaning or emotion. This installment was filmed while Christen was preparing for a real, very special date she was really looking forward to. In the video, she admits feeling very romantic while doing the shoot, and the end result really put her in the mood for a great night out with her special someone.

Remember all the products can be picked up at your local drugstore.

Christen especially accentuates the role of the lipstick she’s using: Revlon’s Super Lustrous Love Is On lipstick. As Christen says: “It smells like strawberry Skittles”; she even admits that she feels tempted to take a bite, but manages to compose herself at the last moment.

You can find the rest of the products used in the comments section below the video. Then, the only thing left is applying the makeup and not forgetting to enjoy every moment of an unforgettable evening.