Not everyone can go out without putting their makeup on and it has nothing to do with insecurities. The thing is that you just feel incomplete like something is missing. Like if you went outside without putting any underwear on. If you feel you need to give your face a little bit of glow, then go for it. Simple!

But, when it comes to a “natural look” not everyone shares the same thoughts. Some like to go with just some powder and lipstick on and other like to add a little touch to everything. Either way, nothing wrong with that.

Today, YouTuber Ella Victoria from Australia shares with us a tutorial where she does an everyday makeup in only 5 minutes. This tutorial can be very useful also for women who love to sleep in a little in the morning and don’t have time for all the professional retouches. Victoria does a beautifully simple routine that gives her the glow she’s looking for without going overboard. The perfect makeup for a casual day.

On Ella’s channel you will find lots of beauty and lifestyle videos so if you want some advice, check them all out.

Take a look at the video below and enjoy!