Hey there my lovely people! How are you? I wanted to help you decorate your space, so for today I have some tips for decorating a vase using colored sand. These projects that you will see in a short are very beautiful and are perfect crafts for spring and summer. They are all very beautiful and easy to make, especially when placed by a window or on the coffee table. It is a perfect time to use your creativity and make something interesting. So, let’s take a look at the ideas here and get inspired. Enjoy and have fun!

Colored sand can be used in various art projects. You can buy it from craft stores, but I need also to mention that you can make your own sand easily.

Here are some tips to make sands in a wide range of colors.

Pick a shade of tempera paint powder. Tempera paint powder is mixed with water, but to color sand you can use it in its dry form. It is non-toxic, economical and it washes off easily with water, and that’s why it is often used by preschools and schools. But it is also available at arts and craft stores too. To make your own custom colors try mixing different colors of dry tempera together.

Put the sand in a container. You can use resealable bag, bowl, cup, etc. Make sure you have enough space to mix the sand easily, without spilling. You can color as much sand as you need.  Instead of sand, you can use table salt.

Add a small amount of the powder to the sand and then mix it together. You may add more powder as you go until you get the color you want.

Use your creativity to make your own very unique art. Pick some interesting sand colors and play with them. You can add some plants and other decorative items for more interesting and fun look.

So, what do you think about these ideas to make some gorgeous decorative vase for your living room, bathroom or any other room? Do you find them interesting and lovely as I do? I felt in love with all of the ideas and I can’t choose just one. Share your thoughts with me! If you have some other ideas on your mind to use colored sand, please share them too – I would to see everything! Thank you for reading!

Source: topdreamer.com