We’ve seen all kinds of videos on how to style your hair in five minutes, or how to wear it in simple braids, but what if your hair doesn’t look so good today? What if you decided not to wash your hair today but still look fabulous? Before you jump saying that’s impossible, let me tell you something. Many of us have had an awkward date with greasy and messy hair. And we have survived it. But why not making it more beautiful and keep up with the lazy vibe?

Oily hair can happen to you every other day, but that does not mean that you need to wash it right before you go out. Sometimes we just need to rush out and we do not have the time to wash it, dry it off, plus make it look stunning. These hairstyles can prove you that there are things to be done with your greasy hair. Either braiding it or putting it in a ponytail, they will make your hair look shiny again. Oily hair can pump up the volume and the styles are super easy to achieve.

Hop into a lazy adventure!

  1. Simple Fishtail braid

2. Twisted Ponytail

3. Classic twisted loop pony

Check out the video below:


Source: metdaan.com