Provocative Woman is a Youtube channel specializing in videos about beauty, fashion, hairstyles and lifestyle in general.

With the number of 78,000 subscribers and rising, the host tries to share the easiest tutorial videos imaginable to cater to the everyday needs of the followers.

This vid takes us through a couple of romantic updos , suitable for more formal occasions and even your or someone else’s wedding day!

The hairstylist is Ulyana Aster.

The first hairstyle uses hair extensions. Adjust your hair extensions wherever you see it fitting and comb back your hair around the areas where you have your extensions fastened to your hair. Divide your hair into three equal parts. Make one ponytail at the very bottom of your head, near the neck. Comb back the middle section the best way you can! Get the most volume that you can out of your hair. Now, fasten the second section to the first section.

Do the same with the third part. You want to make your hair look like a giant, voluminous beehive fastened at the very bottom of your head in a slick ponytail.

Then take a bun sponge and wrap it around the root of the ponytail. Draw the hair back of the ponytail to create a bun.

For the second hairstyle, tie your hair in a ponytail somewhere at the middle of your head.  Add a strand of fake hair at the very tip of the ponytail. Part the ponytail in two sections. Use the strand and your hair to intertwine both sections in two braids.

Create an intricate bun with both of the braids. See the video for a graphic representation.

For the third hairstyle, take the right front strand of your hair and put it aside. Tie the rest of your hair, which starts somewhere at the beginning of the crown, in a ponytail near the bottom of the head.

Now take the loose strand and twist it towards the ear line.

Once you are done, tug it out a little bit to give it volume.

You are going to use the rest of the strand and the ponytail to create a bun out of strands interlocking with each other.

Tie your hair in a ponytail. Now make a hole right above where you have your ponytail fastened and flip the lose strand over. Now, hide it in your hair as in a cocoon. Tug some pieces out and fasten the hair as much as you possibly can with bobby pins.

Put some hair jewelry on it.

For the fifth hairstyle, we are going to take the hair that covers the crown, comb it back a bit and fastened it tightly into a ponytail. Take a piece of strand near the headline and start braiding it on the right side of the head, following a trajectory towards the ear.

You are going to braid right to the bottom of the crown. Repeat the very same procedure with the strand from the left side of your parting.

Make the two strands meet at the bottom of the crown, as if they were laurel branches ornamenting the bun.