There are some days that you just don’t feel like wearing any makeup. Also, a lot of celebrities feel like this, but what surprised us the most was when Alicia Keys announced that she was quitting makeup in late May. Not only in her daily life, but at red carpet events too.

Kim Kardashian also followed the trend by attending Paris fashion week with only a moisturizer and a swipe of lip balm. But Kim and Alice are not the only ones who are going against the grain, New York women have also embraced the makeup-free trend over the past years.

YouTuber Leyla Rose prefers to go natural but still with some basic makeup steps. She is going to teach us how to create the look and it’s really easy. In the end, it will look very effortless and natural. You will love it!


She starts with primer and to cover the red parts she applies a light green shade to them. Then, Leyla chooses a foundation that matches well her skin tone and adds a little bronzer to define parts of the face.


The eyes are pretty simple. She goes with a natural Maybelline eyeshadow and then a mascara.


For the lips, she decides on a nude lipstick. The lipstick really gives life to her face.

Would you go out wearing this look?

Share your thoughts with us and enjoy!