Sometimes the makeup world can be confusing. I mean, even if you have friends who teach you their tricks and tips, things get hard when you try to do them on your own. But the real problem is that you have to know what goes best with your face type. If you are having trouble settling down when it comes to makeup then you definitely need to shake up your routine. Check out the list below to see these diagrams which will help you a lot.

1. What are all of these brushes for?

This diagram helps you figure out which brush is used for what and which ones are the essentials.

2. What’s my face shape?

Once you know your face shape then it’s easier to choose hairstyles and eyebrow shapes.

3. Why is skin tone so important?

If you know you skin tone it will help you chose correct makeup, from concealer to lipstick.

4. What order do I put this stuff on in?

This diagram makes it clear what to put on first.

5. What kind of face makeup should I use?

Depending on your skin type, you might only need a tinted moisturizer or cream foundation.

6. How do I cover my dark circles?

To use the right tone of concealer, apply it in a triangle going down the side of the nose instead of semi-circles under the eyes.

7. How do I contour my face?

Make sure to blend out the contours to look more natural.

8. What if I don’t want that much contouring? Is there something more natural looking?

This tutorial is pretty easy and simple to do for every day.

9. What should I do with my eye makeup?


You need to figure out the shape of your eyes and then choose the look you want.

10. How can I make my lashes look fuller?

All you need is a liquid or creme eyeliner for fuller looking lashes.

11. What if I want to make a cat eye?

12. I have small lips. Is there a way to make them look fuller?

To exfoliate your lips the easiest method is to scrub a little sugar across the damp lips then rinse. Then moisturize and line them with a pencil in the same color as your lips. Dab concealer in the center of your lips and blend out. Apply lipstick and lip gloss. Highlighter on the cupid’s bow and you’re done.

13. How do I get those amazing bright red lips?

Fill lips with concealer and then line them with a red lip liner and clean up the edges. Fill in your lips and powder to set the color, finish by applying your red lipstick.

14. Red lipstick never looks right on me. How do I pick the right color?

Remember when you figured out your skin tone? It goes the same way.

15. What about eyebrows?

If you know the shape of your face, shaping your eyebrows will be pretty easy.

16. And to fill them in?

This is optional but lining your brows will make them pop.