Coffin Nails…?

Okay, so without any pictures and without any prior knowledge or even idea about these, you would probably be creeped out by these coffin nails. Like what are these? Are these those nails they use to keep those old-style coffins shut? Or do they have anything to do with Halloween and scary stuff especially vampires or a horde of zombies?

Well, before we get our imaginations get the best of us, coffin nails aren’t actual nails (those pointy things for construction and handiwork) or anything related to Halloween…unless you make it so.

Coffin nails are actually long and slender shapes of our nails. The nails were already a thing before but it became even more so when Kylie Jenner started Instagramming them. These were called “coffins” because the shape has a close resemblance to those old-style coffins we often see on vampire flicks and props on horror houses. But even when it sounded so sinister or it has quite a bad comparison, getting these coffin nails aren’t bad. To be honest, these are actually kind of sophisticated and stunning to look at especially with colors and nail arts.

Get more Artsy Bitsy

These coffin nails are longer and that could mean something. In the world of nail art, it would become a beautiful canvas. There’s more space for almost any kind of nail art you wish for. If you were having troubles before with the designs you want to put, now it could be so much easier.

You can now put words on your nails without them looking so small and unreadable and looking like accidental smudges. Now you could be able to create pictures with more clarity and detail. You can turn really artsy bitsy if you want. There isn’t really anything that you can’t do with those nails.

Although, you have to be reminded that these nails could easily break. One wrong move and snap! those beautiful nails could be gone. And it would hurt so much you could get on a coffin and lie there forever. So what you have to do is to keep it easy when you have the nails. Hard manual work could wait after that date night or hot party and you have cut your nails to the normal size and shape.

So as always, keep your nails ready for the makeover. Nail hardeners are available to help keep your nails hard and brittle free. As much as possible, use nail polishes and nail products that aren’t harsh or else it could make it thinner and easier to break.