I have definitely been giving into the colored faux fur trend this year (I have 4 pink fur jackets to prove it!) and I’ve been wanting a fun fur bag to keep the trend going as the weather starts to warm up. So that’s what we’re making today! We’re showing you how to rock a fur bag three different ways, and we’re keeping it super simple too. These would be such fun gifts to give your gal pals, or you could have a craft night and all make your own! Now who’s ready FUR lots of color (and puns)?! ?


Plain clutch
Colorful faux fur
Hot glue gun
Letter beads
White leather
Black paint


1. Trace your bag onto the fur that you will be using. Cut out the pieces for each side.

2. Using a hot glue gun, glue your fur to the outside of the bag. Press down to make sure the fur is in place.

3. To make the typography bag, hot glue letter beads to the front of the bag.

4. To make the eyeball bag, cut out two circles with your white leather. Cut out two smaller circles for pupils and paint them black. Hot glue the eyeballs to the front of the bag.

So ready to rock these with every outfit now! Which one is your favorite?! I’m absolutely crazy about that rainbow fur, I want to make a jacket and collar out of it now! Turn down fur what!!

Source: awwsam.com