Irish YouTuber Donna is here to teach  you how to braid our hair for any given occasion!

Be it a school hairstyle, dance hairstyle, formal hairstyle or bridal hairstyle, she’s got you covered!

This is a video teaching us how to do a rope-twist inspired half do.

We are going to get a section of hair 2 inches in from the hairline and divide it into two strands.  Then we start twisting them both to the right, twisting the front section over the back section. As we go we are going to add a section of hair from the front and twist it together with the back one, both twisted towards you face. Refer to the video to comprehend the motion of the pattern!

Repeat these steps the whole way down. As you go, you are going to leave some strands close to your hairline running loose.

Once you reached the line of your ear, you are going to continue twisting the way down the strand, not near the scalp!

Hold the braid and spray it using hair spray to fix it. Proceed by tugging out the strands to give the braid a more voluminous look. Clip it and set it aside.

Next, go to your crown area and back comb it a little bit, section after section.

Then, smooth it out a bit and bring back the braid, clipping it over the hair from the crown area, making it look like you are fastening it with the braid. This is the way it will look like at this point!

For the final step, take the section of hair at the other side of your parting and twist it outwards. Spray it to fix it and tug it out a bit to make it nice, messy and soft!

Clip it in the back right where you previously clipped the other braid.

YouTube user Kakoli_Sett seems to like it:” wow nice and easy….gonna try this out tomorrow”