Hello lovely ladies,

I was getting a lot of acne marks and they were leaving scars behind. I visited a dermatologist but could not see any results. So, I decided to try this home remedy which promises to reduce acne scars and pimple marks. Surprisingly, it has worked quite well for me and my scars have reduced a lot. Read on to find out more.

You need:

⦁ Half boiled beetroot
⦁ Turmeric powder
⦁ A spoon and a fork
⦁ An empty bowl, and
⦁ Some water


Step one:
Take a beetroot and muddle it or grind it roughly. This is how the beetroot should look like.

Step two:
Now, take an empty bowl and add about half teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Step three:
Next, add about one or two teaspoons of beetroot.

Step four:
Add about one to two teaspoons of water and mix everything well. This is what the paste should look like once it’s mixed.


Usage and results:

Apply this scrub on your face and neck and start scrubbing your skin with it. You don’t have to dampen your skin before usage since this scrub already have enough moisture. Use this scrub twice a week for best results. This scrub is quite efficient at reducing acne scars and pimples. It has really worked wonders for my skin. I feel this scrub has worked better than any chemical-loaded product for me.

Benefits of beetroot:

⦁ Rich is antioxidants
⦁ Makes the skin glow
⦁ Fights acne
⦁ Removes acne scars and other marks
⦁ Acts as an anti-aging ingredient
⦁ Repairs sun damage

Benefits of turmeric:

⦁ Offers anti-bacterial benefits
⦁ Lightens the scars
⦁ An effective remedy for oily skin
⦁ Removes tan
⦁ Adds brightness to the skin
⦁ Keeps skin troubles away

I am really satisfied with the results I am getting and I will continue using this scrub for a long time now. Hope you will also get good results it. Thank you. ?

Source: makeupandbeauty.com