While longer hair will always be the preferred choice among women and some men, it’s difficult to maintain and sometimes you might even whack an innocent person across the face with your locks accidentally!

These people you’re about to see in this gallery found a boost of confidence to cut their hair short. Like, really short. More to the point, this gallery should hopefully be the incentive to make you go out and cut your hair short, because you’ll look just as beautiful with short hair as you do with long hair!

1. Bob to pixie!

She seems skeptical at first, but after the cut, she’s loving it!

2. Now this requires some bravery

Great job to this lady for actually wanting to do this!

3. One of the best undercuts I’ve ever seen

She looks so much prettier!

4. So much more life now

Growing your hair for a long time can kill the life in it, but giving it a small cut will restore all that life.

5. Who said men can’t go through transformations like this?

6. Amazing undercut

Looks so much better!

7. Lush locks to a stylish pomp



8. This girl actually donated the hair that she cut

9. Cutting it short and curling it up

10. Let’s take a moment to appreciate curly and wavy pixies

11. Short hair going even shorter!

12. Now this is awesome!

13. Pixie cuts look good on anyone!

14. Short and blue

Looks so Tumblr!

15. Depending on your cut, you can either be younger or older

16. Buzzing all your hair off leaves little to no room for error

17. A good cut will shave 10 years off of you

18. A great looking undercut

19. Very pink

20. Red

The dye job can also completely change your appearance, for good or bad.

Source: metdaan.com