Lace does not have to be just a decoration on some piece of clothing, it can decorate your pots. With help of lace, with adhesive and little effort you will have new, delicate and beautiful flower pots.

The spring came and already gardens, trees and parks have been colored in magnificently green. I love that green! I love that spring! Kinda like that when I wake up and get a new, fresh, vital energy. The first flowers a long time ago started to decorate our gardens and balconies, such as snowdrops, hyacinths, violets, but slowly being replaced by those of the long-term and that will bloom all summer. With the first rays of the sun and the hint that spring arrived, I deeply believe that all of us, ladies, but and men of course, hurried to the market and in flower shops to buy favorite flowers that will plant in a pot.

And when it comes to pots – the choice is huge. From regular plastic, over those with interesting pattern and details, using clay, ceramic, stone, concrete. Beautiful pots will decorate your yard. I’m sure that you keep your favorite ones from the last year but it does not hurt to enrich your collection with some piece this beautiful spring.

Your garden should be a corner where you feel most comfortable and where you will enjoy, especially in the spring and summer. Its arrangement needs special attention. I deeply believe that the green color relaxes, and the nature also, the scent of freshly cut grass, the smell of earth after the rain, the smell of flowers and nature… And if we add a fountain in the courtyard that will constantly babble, little paradise has been created. Of course our backyard should not be crowded with plants. Plants can’t fight for space and water, and therefore they should have enough space for growth and development.

Devote your attention to the yard at least once a week. Many people enjoy the weekend in revamping garden. At least once a week, check for weeds and cut down it. Clean paths regularly because when the wind blows easily pebbles and leaves can reach them and it looks a bit messy. To enjoy the evening do not forget lighting. The solar lamps are perfect for lighting the garden at night. They accumulate light during the day and at night shine. In addition, there are the most diverse forms of interesting but you nicely select it according to your taste.

Your yard can become very original if you have completed the course with a stone colored tiles, some trails are like cobblestones. All this can look nice in the decoration of the yard. The French have a special secret concerning gardening. They like it when big windows in their homes and patio doors overlooking the beautiful green garden. They prefer to let their flowers in their pots and gardens sometimes wild and not have strict proper form. Thus yard gets soul. The French very like iron elements in the garden, because they emphasize plants. Choose a fine iron bench or a table and chairs also made of wrought iron with large pillows that will give it the warmth.

Anyway, like it has always been in life, this should be based on your own wishes and ideas and this time choose flowers for decorations, garden, choose pots that you like. That affect your senses and make your space magic.

Here are ideas for pots that can be a beautiful decoration of each home and garden!

Little imagination is needed to your ordinary, monochromatic and boring pots with the help of paint convert into interesting ornament of your garden.

Today are very popular plastic pots. They had a great application, however, clay and plaster pots are much nicer and more elegant. They will give your room a touch of elegance.

You can paint the pots by pulling on them the lace or some interesting material and then apply spray, for example. When you take the lace, there will remain patterns as lace.

On an ordinary metal or wooden bucket, put the tile adhesive or mortar drip on them to stick pebbles or broken tiles.

Flowers are a very beautiful decoration of any home, it gives him life and warmth. Thin wooden sticks here are creatively used for coating ordinary and boring pots.

Decorate your pots with colorful threads which you will stick on the pot. Easy and fast way for decorate.

Flowers are an essential detail that every little private paradise must contain. On your pots can print the most diverse motivational messages or a dedicated. Here’s an idea how the crayon used for that purpose!

People often grown herbs alone by themselves because they believe that the quality of the plants cultivated in home is better than purchased.

There are templates that you can buy or make at home, and with the help of spray paint to decorate different objects and even flower pots.

Buy paint in several shades that agree with each other. In the darkest repaint tray of pot, a pot stipple with brush dipped in several colors.

Monochrome pots you can easily decorate using different colors. Thus, the pot will seem merrily and your garden more beautiful.

Soft pink color that resembles on water smeared color in different shades can be used wisely for decoration!

And for those who love nature and the natural appearance of the object in the house and in front of the house, here’s an idea. Cut into rings tree, and those rings stick on the pot. The result will be great!

Ombre can be applied in decorating items also, except that here passes from darker to lighter shades are sharper.

If you are not sure which color you choose when decorating pots decide for eternal classic combination of black and white!

Colorful materials except on your body can be a decoration and of your pots! Choose favorite pattern and change your pots in the material!

Flowers is the most beautiful decoration of gardens but it doesn’t need to be just in the pot – it can be on the pot in the form of floral motifs printed or glued on them!

Floral motives can be achieved by gluing colorful stickers and materials on the pot

Let your kids and favorite family members help you with decorating. Let this work be a game with them, andt here’s how you can play that game!