The Canadian Nail Art channel Cutepolish comes back with another tutorial on how to create your own DIY glow-in-the-dark nails. When I was a teenage girl, I absolutely loved glow-in-the-dark everything. I think that this obsession with the fluorescent comes with being a regular to all the dance raves in my town.

1. Preparation

To start off, we are going to need glow in the dark pigments.

Next, we are going to need an empty polish bottle with mixing balls in it. You can use any clear polish as a top coat as long as it’s transparent. The best way to add pigment into a polish bottle is to use a funnel.

Add a lacquer base to fill in half of the bottle and then close the cap tightly. Shake to mix!

2. Get Ready To Dance

After the pigment has dissolved well, it’s time to start polishing.

Color the nail with a white nail polish as the base coat. The second layer will be the pigmented polish that we just created from scratch. Apply one more coat just to make sure that it’s well polished

To get the best glow, place the nails under sunlight or any source of strong light to charge the pigment in the color.

You are absolutely ready for that techno rave coming this Friday!