We all know how much the singer Katy Perry loves to play with colors. She experiments with them on her hair, face and we’re not even gonna mention her clothes. Her performances are the best ever and we are always excited to see new stuff from her.

More excited than us is the makeup artist known by many as NikkieTutorials. On her YouTube channel she posts makeup tutorial gold and today she went for Katy Perry. As she launched her new music video called Chained To The Rhythm she slayed us with the bright blue eyes, glowy skin and soft pink lips. Nikkie is creating the whole look by herself and giving us a step by step tutorial. Let’s start.


Nikkie usually applies very light foundation to her face because it matches her skin tone best. Then she applies concealer too, and to add more definition she later contours her face and adds highlighter to the cheeks creating the glowy look.


For this look, eyes are the most important part of the process. She mixes two shades of mint blue and applies it all over her eyes. In the inner corner she adds a very sparkly, silver eyeshadow. Under her underline, she creates small black dots using an eyeliner. In the end, Nikkie applies her eyeslashes.


To end the whole look, she goes with a soft pink lipstick where she adds a lip gloss too. Ta da!

Doesn’t she look like another version of Katy?

To see the whole process, click down below. Enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com