Today’s video is a perfect one for the winter school holidays, especially for the ones who like homemade school supplies! This four-minute tutorial shows you how to make an adorable kawaii-inspired pencil case in the shape of an ice-cream bar.

Troom Troom is a Youtube channel sharing easy but brilliant Do It Yourself video tutorials. The themes of their DIY endeavors include interior decoration, scrapbook cards, accessories and more.

The word kawaii is of Japanese origin and meansloveable, cute or adorable. Over the years it has, however, acquired a much wider meaning and has grown to be generally associated with the aesthetics of cuteness in Japanese culture.

Kawaii has therefore spread to encompass all kinds of visual styles, physical appearance, fashion, design and numerous products and pop-culture characters that can be identified as kawaii.

Be as it may, one does not need to read a scientific paper on kawaii in order to appreciate the cuteness of this pencil case. So, dear parents, if you get down to work right away you might still surprise your young ones just in time for the spring term.

It’s a really cute project to do with your kids or if their old enough it should keep them quiet for a little while.