Gift cards are always a good idea and a cherished present for any occasion. However, there is rarely anything more personal and authentic than a tailor-made gift card created personally for that special someone. People love receiving cards and even more so when they are handmade, it really shows how much you care. That bit of cutting and sticking seriously ups the aww factor!

If someone’s birthday is coming up, you want to belatedly surprise someone with a New Year’s greeting, or if you are already planning on your Valentine’s Day token – you will love this video.

Sara from Norway has done a great Do It Yourself tutorial on 10 differently-themed gift cards. You will immediately notice how wickedly crafty Sara is with her hands, and her creativity is not to be sniffed at either. So inspire yourselves from her ideas and even if you’re a bit on the clumsy side, just follow her lead and you will have no trouble in completing your gift.

If you find this video helpful and enjoyable, you can subscribe to Sara’s Youtube channel SaraBeautyCorner for many more videos on DIY and nail art, as well as comedy and makeup tutorials.

We’ve already bookmarked this video so we can refer to it time and time again whenever a card occasion arises. We love it!


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