Studs are always in fashion, but you don’t need a designer brand to get the look! Brass paper fasteners will do the trick. I love using office supplies for craft projects…so here’s one more!

With so many different combinations of leather and studs, it’s so easy to create a customized bracelet of your own. Follow the tutorial below to learn how.

• Leather or suede strip (I bought mine from a trim store in downtown L.A. You can also find them on Etsyor cut a a strip off a larger piece of leather found at some craft stores or maybe even an old piece of clothing)

• Brass paper fasteners or scrapbook brads (they come in many colors/sizes. found at most craft stores)

• Pen or thin Sharpie
• X-Acto knife
• Scissors


Measure: Measure the leather strip to fit your wrist and cut, leaving it an inch longer just in case. You can create a single wrap bracelet or wrap it around a couple times like I did with my red bracelet. 

Mark: With a pen or Sharpie, make small dots where you would like your studs to go.
Cut: Using an X-Acto knife, make small slits at the markings. In most cases, simply pressing down firmly with the knife will make a large enough hole. Be careful not to cut too wide or your studs will fall through.
Insert: Place your studs through the holes and fold back the prongs to attach in place.
Create Closure: Place one of the studs at the very end of the leather strip. Instead of folding the prongs over like all the others, twist them outward, kind of like a flower’s leaves, using your fingers, scissors or needle nose pliers if you have it handy. Make sure the stud has some room to wiggle (see step 4 image above).
Slit: At the opposite end of the strip, cut a slit approximately the width of your stud. Slide the last stud through to close. If it doesn’t fit, you may need to cut the slit a bit wider.

Enjoy your new handmade bracelet!