YouTube Hair Stylist Blogger Missy Sue takes you through three different ways of braiding your hair into a fishtail braid! With a book coming out, titled DIY, Knots and Twists, Missy Sue has been helping the long-haired portion of the planet to put aside the ‘bad hair day’ concept and make you look incredible in just a couple of minutes! With 4 years of blogging experience under her belt, Missy has definitely established herself as the DIY authority on hair and all things hair.

1. Fishtail Goes Bun #1

Start by parting the hair on the left side.Proceed with a zig-zag parting down the back. Create a dutch fishtail braid from a small section of the left side of the hair. Refer to the video to get the fishtail pattern right. Create a second dutch fishtail braid on the right side of your scalp. Make sure to start braiding two centimeters from your hairline. Repeat the same pattern until you meet the left fishtail braid. Those two should meet somewhere at the bottom of your crown area.

Finish the left fishtail into a normal braid, all the way down. Secure it with two bobby pins.

Pull on the edges of both of the fishtails a bit just to make them seem wider and more full. Lay the left braid over the right and pin them down. Combine all the hair together and wrap it once creating a ponytail.

Twist it again with the right hand and spread the ponytail up and around the hairband. Wrap the hairband twice more over the bun, combine all the ends together and tuck them back into the hairband at the top of the band to finish the style!

2. Fishtail Bottom-Up To Bun

Start by flipping your hair upside down. Pick a small slice near the hairline. Split it into three pieces. Follow the braiding pattern as for a fishtail braid.

Go back over the braid and gently pull on the edges to make it a little bit fuller.

Tie up the end with an elastic band. Combine all the hair together for the bun. Do the exact same bun as shown previously.

3. Ponytail Inverted Fishtail

Divide a section of hair at the crown. Tie it up with an elastic band! Create a gap right above the elastic band and pull the ponytail through the gap.

Bring it back down again to create a little flip. Hide the band by wrapping a small section of hair around it. Secure it in place with a second elastic band. Braid the ponytail into a fishtail braid. Continue with the braid down this section. Go back over the braid and pull on the edges to make it a little bit wider.

Continue the braid until it’s about a half way down the section. Tie it up with an elastic band and cover it with a small piece of hair.

Tie a second elastic band right underneath. Make sure to include the ends of the wrapped piece. Both elastic bands will slide underneath the wrapped piece and stay hidden in place without a bobby pin! Voila!

Watch the video below to execute the hairstyle to perfection!


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