I’ve been crazy about making my own pop tarts lately, if you’ve never made them, homemade pop tarts are SO good. And when I was brainstorming new pillow/home decor projects to do, I though why not make a giant version of everyone’s favorite toaster pastry?! So today we’re making no-sew (you heard it right, no-sew!) pop tart pillows! This might be the easiest pillow project we’ve ever done, and the fun part is that you assemble this pillow the same way you would assemble a real pop tart! If you’ve made pop tarts, you’ll already know how to make this baby, and if you haven’t made pop tarts, you’ll be learning a thing or two about the step-by-step process. Win-win, am I right?!


Felt in beige, light pink, and brown
Fabric glue
Fabric scissors
Polyester stuffing
Rainbow pom poms
White yarn
Beige yarn

How to

1. Draw a wavy rectangle that looks like the shape of a pop tart onto your beige felt. Cut out two identical pieces and place on top of one another.

2. Using your fabric glue, glue both pieces together 1 1/2″ from the edge of the fabric all the way around the beige crust. Press the two pieces together firmly to make sure they stay in place and allow the glue to dry completely. Make sure to leave a small opening so you can fill the inside.

3. With either your pink or brown felt, cut out a piece slightly smaller than the crust. This will be the icing on your pop tart. Glue the icing to the middle of the crust and allow to dry completely.

4. Fill the inside of the pop tart with polyester filling and glue the opening shut.

5. To finish the pop tart off, cut pieces of beige yarn that are 1/2″ long and glue them around the edges of the crust to resemble fork marks. If you are making a chocolate pop tart, glue a swirl of white yarn to the top. If you are making a strawberry pop tart, glue rainbow pom poms to the top for sprinkles.

Source: awwsam.com