Don’t you just enjoy watching people look very glamorous at red-carpet events? I mean everything about their dresses and hair screams AMAZING. When you want to have a very royal hairstyle, of course, there will be braids included. And you are going to see why.

YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles today is going to teach us how to create a red-carpet royal look which would be perfect for an award show. You can get inspired and use the look for any event you think would be suitable. Jordan will be with us to show us all of the “easy steps”.

First, you have to brush your hair perfectly.

Then, you can get started on the look by creating a small bun on the top of your head and secure it with a head pin.

On the right side of your head, you can do any type of braid you want, but Jordan decided to go with a dutch fishtail braid.

When the braid is done, she moves it to the back and then loosens it with her fingers. She takes all the extra flock of hairs and twists them along the braid.

And you’re done. Do you like this red-carpet hairstyle?

If you want to see the look in more details, you can simply click on the video down below. Enjoy!