I’m always looking for simple ways to add unique touches of style to items around the house and these coasters are my most recent DIY transformation. With a little bit of paint and stickers, you can easily add color and design to any plain glass coasters, plates or even vases. Follow the simple directions below to make your own and serve up your drinks in style! After all, presentation is key.

• Clear glass coasters (you can also use glass plates, vases, etc.)
• Removable round stickers
• 2 contrasting colors of spray paint
• Craft sealer (such as Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish)
• Newspaper

• Turn the glass coaster upside down and randomly place several removable round stickers on top.  If you are not sure they are removable, test it on another piece of glass first, let it sit for several minutes and try peeling off. If residue remains on the glass, you may need to use different stickers.
•  In a well-ventilated area, place the coaster onto a newspaper-covered surface with the stickered side facing up and spray paint over it until it is completely covered. Apply a couple thin coats and let dry between each coat. Make sure to not over-paint to avoid the paint from seeping through under the stickers.
• Once the paint has completely dried, remove the stickers. Be extra careful not to peel off any of the paint on the glass.
• Grab your second spray paint color and add another layer of paint on the back of the coaster to create the polka dot effect. Let dry thoroughly.
• To avoid the paint from chipping and to add a finishing gloss, spray craft sealer on your painted surface following the manufacturer’s directions. Adding a sealer also allows you to wash the coaster if needed.
Once dry, turn the coaster around and use them to serve your favorite drinks!
Source: cremedelacraft.com