The Tulsa, Oklahoma born, LA hair wizard Guy Tang, turned the hair styling world upside down with his latest invention – glow-in-the-dark hair!

This latest fashion trend is reminiscent of the fascination that the 90s kids had with glow-in-the-dark products, tie-dye shirts as well as the Manic Panic Semi-Permanent colors.

Ultimately, this brand new style went viral pretty fast, bringing Tang 1.8 million fascinated followers. No doubt he was smart enough to recognize the potential that Instagram has. Through his platform, he managed to reach out to both industry people and the regular customer.

Suited for festival-goers, people that lead alternative life-styles and just about anyone with an itch for style transformations, this is the style that will literally bring color to your daily routine!

In addition, Tang has stated that for delicate colors such as pastels, the hair should be ‘lifted’ (bleached) to level 10. However, he advises that women should stay away from bleach since bleach causes a lot of breakage. For this reason, he recommends a new product which appeared just recently on the market, and that’s Olaplex.

A self-describer hair activist, Tang managed to inspire thousand of aspiring stylists in the world.

A soon-to-be hair stylist graduate, Fawndra Davis commented on one of his recent interviews: “I am about to grad and color is my passion… to become his apprentice is my dream… I base so much of what I do with color in the salon on things I’ve learned in his videos… thank you guy tang!!!!!!!!”

Peach Lava

He is an Olaplex Ambassador and is a regular on the rosters of several Hair Expos around the globe.

On his Instagram description, Guy says that he is not taking any new clients. However, give him a call and try out your luck. His salon is located in Salon Republic, West Hollywood.

Flaming Twins

Coral Green

Cold Blue Mane

Pastel Waves

Neon Rainbow

An example of the color in light and then in the dark.

People that have entrusted their hair to him seem to have no regrets. In her review, a lady by the name of Inka G. took to to review his work:”The outcome exceeded my expectations and I was VERY pleased. Pricing was reasonable as well. Guy is very tasteful and I’ve never met anyone so enthusiastic about doing hair, it made it more exciting!”

It’s the weekend guys! Book a session and make an entrance! You’ll glow!


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