Do not simply throw away that old, dirty mat you have lying around. With a little bit of Do It Yourself dedication, you can easily turn it into a wonderful rug. According to DIY expert Keryn, all you need is “scrap fabric, grippy mat and TIME!”.

Karyn is a wife, mother and a business owner from New Zealand who lives life “in style, as a complete novice” and vlogs about it on Youtube. Since 2012, she runs the StyleNovice channel that beside DIY tutorials, offers recipes, life hacks, cosmetics advice and different hauls.

Watch the video to find out how DIY can turn one person’s trash into that same person’s treasure. Anytime you think of throwing something away, there is a chance there’s a DIY tutorial on the internet somewhere which can show you how to turn that object into something useful.

This is at the core of the DIY ethic: empowering people to resist the throwaway culture of the societies we live in by re-using instead of replacing, thus becoming more sustainable both individually and as communities. Genius in its simplicity. Everybody wins!

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