Every now and then, we get the feeling like we need to change something about our look. And what screams better “new hair, new me” than a hairstyle? They say that a lot of curly-haired people look totally different after they straighten them up, so does this apply for straight-haired ones too? I mean, curls are awesome.

It’s worth a try, so why not heat your curling iron and get the party started? Famous YouTube beauty guru, Miss Alex is showing us step by step how she achieves her wonderful curls. You just need a curling iron and your hair. If you have too much hair, maybe a music playlist too so you won’t get bored!


Separate your hair into two pieces and then start from bottom to top to curl your hair. Be careful to take small pieces if you want more volume.


Then, basically do the same thing until you make your way to the top.


After every little piece is curled, tousle them with your fingers and then brush them to create more volume. See? Easy, peasy.

In the end, we have to admit that the YouTuber has had a total transformation. If you want to see the whole process, press play. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. To curl or not to curl!

Source: metdaan.com