What is a dotticure, you ask? As the name says, dotticure is a manicure with a dotted pattern, and we have lots of those for you today. These eighteen warm, bright patterns will give you something to think about this spring, but beware: you might have a problem to pick out your favorite ones.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a video tutorial.

1. Start simple with this one-line black and white pattern!
Pair with a bright undercoat to really make it pop!

2. Who doesn’t love polka dots?
This pink and gray combo on black just works!

3. Try this layered look on a clear coat!
Simple pastels look great here. Complement your skin tone!

4. Try a spiral pattern for an elegant twist!
This combo of pink, white, and red is just plain fun.

5. These gradients are subtle but striking!
Put that big nail polish collection to good use!

6. Or keep it simple with these elegant gold bubbles on black.

7. This simple pattern really hits the spot!
The silver adds a nice touch to brighten other colors.

8. Feel pretty in pink polka dots!
Inverting your colors on the thumb really makes them stand out!

9. Don’t you love this multicolor design?
The matte finish makes an impression for sure.

10. This quirky drip pattern can add some curves to your dotticure!

11. Even this simple triangle pattern adds a lot to these great colors.

12. This deep royal blue with white dots will make you feel like a queen!

13. Purple and gold work wonders in this color scheme!

14. Try switching up your color lines diagonally for a more creative look!

15. These muted red and green diagonals will make a classy impression.

16. Tons of great color ideas here to go great with your white nails!

17. Try just a few white dots on a bright color to kick things up a notch!

Quick, easy, and beautiful.

18. Don’t these glittery colors look fantastic?
Get one of these dotting tools if you can’t get enough of these designs!

Need another dose of dots? Watch the video here.

Source: metdaan.com