Improving one’s makeup game is a never-ending process. Like learning how to play a musical instrument, you constantly have to work on improving your chops. One of the greatest benefits of the internet and social media is their provision with knowledge of anyone who wants to learn about anything.

A makeup artist has come up with an ingenious way of doing a winged eyeliner and shared it on her Instagram profile – an Achilles heel for numerous women.

She is simply using dental floss. You don’t believe it?

Her trick? Using dental floss picks!

Okay, what? Don’t you just love the internet, you guys? People who live there are amazing. Every day, you can just type in your issue in a search box and people like this genius will tell you how to look improve your game in anything.

Simply apply your favorite liquid eyeliner to the floss…

And use it as a guide for the perfect wing.

It’s especially useful when it’s a hack for something that we like doing every day. And something we kind of have trouble with every day, amirite?

Nothing will ever be the same again when it comes to eyeliner!

Try it, tell us how it went. We’re doing it right now.