Sometimes to escape the boring nude colors, you can just go for something more bright and fun. Eyeshadows like green, pink and blue can be very challenging but when you blend them right, the result is to die for. So, today we’re sharing a tutorial which is with full drugstore products and very fun colors.

YouTuber Roxette Arisa Howe is a very popular makeup artist from LA. The 23-year-old posts tutorials about beauty, health and skincare where she has earned more than 370,000 subscribers. She never fails to amaze us with her skills so lets get to the look.


She first starts with primer and then adds the foundation. She blends everything out with a beauty blender and then moves on to concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighter. We can say that the makeup artist is most satisfied with the highlighter which is so on point.


For the eyes, she goes with an olive green eyeshadow after putting on the primer and a base. After blending everything together, she puts on eyelashes. To finish the eye makeup, the YouTuber underlines her water line too.


To complete this amazing look, she decides on a nude, glossy lipstick. Perfect!

Don’t you just love the green?

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