20-year-old Naomi Chanel Laing is a model and a beauty vlogger from the tiny Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba.

She got the Miss Teen Backstage Salon Award back in 2012. She has been hosting makeup and beauty videos since 2013.

In her latest installment, dated March 15, 2017, Naomi shows us how to achieve the super sleek drawstring ponytail.

Moisturize the hair first. Naomi uses the ORS Olive Oil Lotion for hair moisturizing. Brush back your hair gently and start applying some gel. This works to tame down the edges. She is using the Eco Styler Gel in Krystal.

Brush your hair once again. She goes over her hair with gel once more. This time around, Naomi is using the Got 2b Glue Gel. Brush your hair towards the back of your head in order to set the edges and make the ponytail look as sleek as possible!

Once you’re finished, tie your hair in a little ponytail. Now twist the puff strand by strand.

Try to get a really small bun to which you will later wrap the string of the ponytail. Moisturize each strand as you go.

Naomi is using an extension clip-on ponytail. Clip your hair well over the bun.

Take the string coming out of the ponytail and wrap it around the root of the bun. Secure it in the back with bobby pins. Take a little piece of hair from the back, comb it out and repeat the same thing as you did with the string. Wrap it around the root where the ponytail starts.

Secure it with bobby pins in the back! There you go! You are done! You got yourself a damn sleek ponytail with no heat!

Source: metdaan.com