With the help of our host Jordan, today we are going to try to recreate the Double Dutch Half Up.

Cute Girls Hairstyles is a YouTube channel that hosts hair tutorials, including braids of all sorts imaginable, that do not surpass the 5-minute mark! Easy and simple! With more than 5 million satisfied followers to testify for their quality.

Start with your hair parted to one side. Divide a rectangle shape starting in line with the eyebrows, going straight back to the end of your part line.

Move the remaining hair on the other side and clip it away.

Make one more diagonal part about an inch or so back from the hairline towards the back of the head.

You are required to start with the back section, so twist the front section out of the way. Please refer to the video to see what I mean! ?

Start a Dutch braid with your loose strand. Make sure to braid towards the back of your head.

Once you run out of hair to add in, tug out the braid a little bit on the edges to give it volume and continue by braiding a regular braid to the end of the strand.

Once the braid is long enough, temporarily secure it with an elastic band.

Repeat the same procedure with the front section!

On the opposite side, take a section of hair and start twisting it back, adding in hair only to the top side as you go.

Once you’ve reached the center of your head, you can go back and carefully soften it and then take the rest of the hair in between the twist and the braids, along with both of the braids and secure it all into a ponytail.

Take out the elastics from the ends of the braid and then wrap a second elastic around the ponytail. On the last wrap, only pull your hair halfway through to create a loop. Take the tail and twist it around the elastic.

Pull out the edges to give it some volume and then pin it in place.

Once all of the ends are tucked in, you can twist and adjust all of the pieces of the loop with bobby pins. There you go!

Source: metdaan.com