So today we are going to watch a tutorial by YouTube makeup artist, Laura Lee where she will give us a full face of first impressions. Basically, she will test a lot of new products for us so we can see if they’re worth buying or not. It’s always super fun to watch her tutorials because she is so funny and weird and makes everything more exciting.

The Alabama-born southern girl moved to LA and has been living there for some time now. Laura was first working as a medical assistant but when she started posting pictures of her eye makeup on social networks, she got a lot of requests for tutorials. She started making YouTube videos about beauty and fashion in March 2013 and so far has received huge support from her fans.

She loves traveling, eating, movies and also spending time with her husband and their two little kitties. With all of that being said, we can move forward to the look she’s creating for us today.


She starts out with a primer and moisturizer and then tests out LA foundation. The foundation has a nice coverage according to her and also hides her freckles. After doing her eye makeup, she applies concealer, bronzer and blush. All of these products work really good on her except for the Benefit contour skin which she thinks blends out too fast.


For the eyes, she uses the Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette which a lot of fans asked for and the package and the colors turned out amazing. She goes for a brown and gold eyeshadow look and then applies mascara to add more drama to the eyes. She finishes her eye makeup by putting on fake eyelashes.


To finish this makeup look she applies a nude brown matte lipstick from Morphe.

So, these are the first impressions and all of the products worked pretty well on her which she says is rare:

“All the products worked out and I don’t think it ever happened to me. There’s always been something that’s just a sh** product but I guess today is a good day.”

What’s your impressions?

To see the whole thing, take a look down below.


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