After all the braid tutorials we have shared with you guys, it’s time for something edgier. Yes, I am talking about the edgy braid which looks so wild and fun to do. We are not giving up on upbraids so easily until we’ve covered all possible options.

Donna from YouTube channel namedBraidandstyles12 is going to teach us how to do the edgy braid step by step. She is obsessed with braids and DIY hair tutorials, so she posts a lot of school hairstyles, dance hairstyles, formal hairstyles, bridal hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, braid hairstyles, sports hairstyles, bun hairstyles etc. Without further ado let’s move on to the look.


So first, you will have to create three little braids on your favorite side.


After you do that, start by creating the main braid from the front, and making it’s way to the back.


On your way back, take the three little braids with you, and interlace them throughout the big braid at the back.

If you liked this edgy hairstyle, make sure to leave a comment below. A lot of people enjoyed it too:

Netizen Liz Ve wrote
I tried it and it came out nicely!!!

Brynne xx2
This is gorgeous! Definitely trying it out tomorrow. This was posted on my birthday. How awesome is that? Thanks for all the fabulous hairstyles. ?

Uma Ana Por Dia2
Really like it! I would do the braids on both sides of my head for a more symmetric look ? this is an amazing option for someone with a sidecut though

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