Jaclyn Hill, the Illinois-born makeup artist and beauty YouTube blogger extraordinaire is back with another installment.
As of recently she managed to get 4 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and used the occasion to thank each and every one of her fans!
Well, you’re welcome, Jaclyn!
Her latest video showcases a turquoise purple and gold smoky eye.
I was thinking maybe where and what can I wear this makeup with and I decided that I might show up to a museum looking like this. I will most definitely rock it at a large scale festival, or even for a day out, meet-me-for-coffee occasion if I am feeling a bit more feisty.
As usual, the whole procedure starts with applying primer on the face and eyelids. She uses translucent powder on hey eyelids as well.
This look consists of a lot of warm and cool tones, organized in a way that provides for radiance and movement in the whole look.

We start by applying warm, peachy tones in the crease.

Next, we are going in with a cool, turquoise blue in the inner corner of the eye. Proceed by applying a shimmery purple shade on the outer corner of the eye. Then, right in the center of the lid, between the turquoise blue and shimmery purple, you are going to apply a golden shade.

Make sure that you blend it as well as you can. The point is to have a gradient quality to it, think ombre coloring.

Go back to the crease and apply an orange shade with a fluffy brush. From here on out, we are just perfecting the base to create a more rounded look.

To gain that metallic look from the gold shade in the middle, apply some makeup fixing spray on your brush and go back at it one more with the gold shade. Be very gentle with the strokes of the brush, try not to cover over the blue and the purple.

Once you are done, apply some mascara and fake lashes.

Finish the rest of your look by applying some foundation, do the inevitable, much-needed contouring and apply some color on your cheeks with a bronzer and a blusher. Highlight at the very end!

You are now ready, tell us where you would showcase this gorgeous look in the comments below.

Source: metdaan.com