USA born, Kurdish stunner Evon Wahab, takes us through her very latest smoky eye tutorial on Emily Ratajkowski inspired makeup!

Emili Ratajkowski is an American actress and model. The 25 year old is very well known for her voluptuous body and her extraordinary features.

In addition, Emily is wearing braids and big hoop earings on the photo which Evon used as an inspiration for her tutorial. The makeup is based on a smoky black eye shadow.

In this particular video, Evon already has the braids and the accessories on before she starts demonstrating the makeup tutorial. You can do the hair later if you feel more comfortable that way!


First, prime the eye with a concealer. Go over the crease with a peachy eye shadow. Darken the crease just a little bit with a dark gray shade. Next, apply gray shade on your lid. Blend well! Highlight the inner corners of the eye with a silvery shimmer. Define the upper water line with a black eye liner. Consequently, define the outer lines of the eye with a black eye shadow as well. Draw a very thin line! Apply some on the crease and blend well with the rest of the shadows.

Second, apply foundation on your face and blend it in with a sponge! Continue by applying concealer on the dark circles underneath your eyes.

Once again, blend it in with the sponge. Tap it as many times as needed so to avoid clear-cut transition between the shades. To set the under-eye area, use a loose powder. Highlight the edge of the cheekbone, the nose, the brow bone and whatever parts that you usually prefer to highlight.

Third, apply matte lipstick at the base. Top that with a lip gloss!