Sveta Sanders is a Russian nail artist whose Instagram account is followed by more than 1 million users. She is 34 years old and based in the City of Smolensk, near the border with Belarus.

On her Instagram account, Sveta shares all kinds of photos and tutorials of nail-art; she also runs a self-titled blog and shares her tutorials through her Youtube channel.

Although Sveta launched her YouTube channel in January 2012, it wasn’t until much later – July of 2013 – that she shared her first video. Later that year in October, she published her first media to Instagram – an account that has gone from strength to strength in the intervening four years.

Today we bring you a short but sweet tutorial for dotted nails. It’s as simple as it could be but the results are incredibly cute. Sharon Hughes’ comment probably says all you need to know:

“Just subscribed to your channel. I’m really impressed. You have a lot of great techniques and ideas I’ve not heard on any nail vloggers’ channel before. Xx”

We have been wondering as well, and unlike many lengthy videos which are narrated and where steps are explained in-depth as thoroughly as possible, this Russian nail artist has a much more minimalistic way of getting her messages across, which seems to be just as effective.

If you would like to find out more, follow Sveta Sanders on her eponymous social media accounts, as well as on her other Instagram account @fine_box.