How often have you done your makeup; flawless to the core and gotten ready to hit the party, only to see your face all patchy? It is a fact that as we become older, the signs of aging become apparent. This means that after reaching a certain age, we need to be very careful in choosing and using makeup and cosmetic products. Why is this so? This is because the ageing skin gets loose and saggy; more than that of a young adult’s skin or a teenager’s.

Are There Any Foundation Specifics For Mature Skin?

YES! Foundation is the only word we would emphasize on for ageing skin as of now, with regard to the choice of foundation to be used for ladies above forty-five years of age. What happens with a foundation for mature skin is that the skin tone would even out, the lines and ageing signs would get concealed flawlessly, and contouring the face could be done better. There would thus be no stopping from wearing a beautiful designer sari, salwar or western wear with confidence now! You can also do full makeup too because age is just a number when the right foundation is used.

Things To Remember

Before we tell you about how to apply foundation for mature skin, you need to understand the pre-application rituals!

1. The Skin Needs To Be Prepped

The skin should always be prepped up before applying foundation. Broken capillaries and age spots are very easy to conceal. However, you should learn how to keep mature skin well hydrated and exfoliated at all times. The two when done well, would keep the skin healthy and show how well your makeup base would sit on the skin too. Imagine a rough road, over which tar is being put- would a smooth surface form? You got your answer there. So what you need to do is to moisturize the skin- use a day cream or a night cream, which helps plump up the skin and cover prominent wrinkles too. The first step is to use deep cleansing milk, then toner and then the moisturizer. CTMP is a must. Protection with SPF is also a must at the end.

2. Choose The Right Foundation Primer

Why is a foundation primer essential? Refer to the earlier point where we clearly spoke about a rough road and tar. Your skin tone would need to be as even and smooth as possible, and this would help the foundation settle well without seeping into the wrinkles and fine lines. This helps make the face look nice and fresh. If you do choose to use a powder foundation for oily skin, one dab is more than enough with the foundation puff. For normal to dry skin, liquid or silicone based foundation for mature skin is good only with a silicone based primer.

3. The Foundation

After we finish applying the primer which is a MUST for mature skin, it is time for the foundation. The market is flooded with a range of foundation creams and brands to choose from. Cream and liquid or silicon foundation are best suited for mature skin. However, if you have skin issues such as port wine stains, rosacea etc, please consult a dermatologist. They would recommend the right foundation to use. Remember, less is always the more for mature skin!

4. When Should I Use Liquid Foundation?

To answer this question, you would need to stand in front of the mirror and check your skin complexion- if it is smooth, it doesn’t need layering. If the skin has blemishes, the liquid foundation would be best to use, since it does the job you want perfectly. Layering can be done if there are minor issues to be covered. This saves the time of using a concealer.

5. When Do I Use Cream Foundation?

Since cream is opaque by nature; it covers minor to moderate age spots and marks on the face, including broken capillaries. Here you can read more about using the right concealer. Moreover, cream foundations have moisture in them, which leaves the skin happy and supple.

6. What About The Concealer?

When choosing concealer, you should use the product over the foundation you have applied. The only case where you don’t do that would be when you have a ‘color corrector’ product. In doing so, where foundation couldn’t match up to the coverage you need, the color correcting enhancer would do the job.

7. How About Covering Age Spots?

Good question! This is when you would need to use concealer which is opaque. But if you blend well with a sponge, you wouldn’t have a cakey look coming forth. A concealer brush can be used to apply the concealer, and a buffer brush to blend the concealer into the foundation base. A tip here would be to continually use the brush until the concealer blends into the skin and is invisible.

8. What About Capillary Covering?

We usually notice older women with broken capillaries which restrict them from doing makeup. Most of them often do not know how to hide the same. Here’s a tip that can help you- pick up green color concealer and dab on the areas first; apply foundation on the same and use a buffer brush to blend into the skin. Please follow the rules of color wheel when choosing color correctors. When in doubt, speak to a specialist.


Now that we have given you a guide on how to choose and use foundation for mature skin; here are three famous foundations for mature skin:

1. Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation

For women with mature skin who fall in combination or dry skin type, this would be an amazing product to use. Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation provides full coverage, makes you look as though your skin is lifted and younger, and is oil free- no sweaty touches and no cakey outcome for sure.

2. Revlon Color Stay Whipped Crème Makeup

You could present the Revlon Color Stay Whipped Crème Makeup to older women, which is for all skin types and can be used across all age groups too. You wouldn’t have to bother about the product being heavy; it is lightweight and doesn’t need extra layering.

3. Clinique Almost Powder Makeup

Here’s a product that works like magic for women above forty and with skin issues such as melasma and rosacea. Clinique Almost Powder Makeup is perfect and fantastic since it gives full coverage and is approved by specialists too.

It’s time women in their mature ages look like super divas and flawless! Once again, age is just a number and we shouldn’t stop our love for makeup!